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EU Circular Businesses Conference - Brussels 26 September 2018 - In collaboration with European Commission Business Bridge Europe - Partners : The European Consumer Organisation European Environmental Bureau Covestro Royal DSM Indra Lenzing Saint Gobain SUEZ
EU Circular Businesses Conference

Sustainable Products in a Circular Economy

Advancing Europe from a linear to a circular economy

A crucial need for the planet, a formidable source of growth, business and jobs for Europe

The Circular Businesses Conference aims to promote a broad mobilization of stakeholders from the primary, industry and services sectors, together with the public actors and the citizens around the challenges and the opportunities created by the development of a “circular economy”.

A shift from a “take, make, consume and dispose” model into a circular model, in line with the constraints of resource availability and preservation of sustainable living conditions, will involve all the economic actors: product designers, manufacturing industries, product distributors, repair and reuse sector, and recycling and disposal industry.

After the publication of an “EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy”, in December 2015, and the adoption of a set of measures, among which the EU Strategy for plastics, the European Commission has published a 2018 EU roadmap “Towards an EU Product Policy Framework contributing to the Circular Economy” which will nurture the debates during the Circular Businesses Conference, through a free exchange of ideas among the high level European decision makers and the representatives of the main industrial sectors.

A new approach to products’ conception to extend their life-cycle and to limit their environmental impact.

Raw Materials
A more efficient employ of resources and a priority use of recyclable ones to ensure their reuse.

Using the most innovative and green technologies and implementing closed-loop manufacturing systems.

Putting the new digital and connectivity technologies at the service of circular manufacturing and products’ multi-life.

Repair & Reuse
Repair, parts harvesting, remanufacturing and reuse: among the key elements of the circular loop.

Recycling & Disposal
Revalue waste by turning it into renewed resources or manage their disposal without pollution.
Circular Businesses Conference

Brussels - 26 September 2018
Charlemagne Building


Organised in collaboration with

Business Bridge Europe

Organising Entity
Registered office: 205 Rue Belliard
1040 Brussels, Belgium